Curious… What’s your opinion on “negative” emotions? Are they destructive or constructive?

I believe there is something good about expressing unhappiness.

Now, I don’t mean for the adoption of pessimism, depression, or aloof anger. Instead, a willingness to see beyond “what a wonderful world” and truly appreciate the reality of life.

It’s hardly so rosy a color as many choose to light it. But this is okay.

If it were so grand and perfect, how cruel a fate it is to die. To smother such unpleasantness in positive platitudes and fantastical optimisms is foolishness.

If we were meant only to experience happiness and bliss, then why possess the capabilities for drowning sadness, soaring pride, raging anger, crippling anxiety, driving passion, and so much more? This is humanity!

To be human is to feel, to experience the heights and depths of emotion. To live fully is to live truly of experience. Happiness is but a fraction of life.

It is not that there are good and bad emotions, just good and bad reactions. You feel the way you do for a reason, pay attention!

Don’t lie to yourself and live as a laughing fool. Cry, scream, rant, sing, moan, AND laugh!

Express all in its moment of time and remain always vigilant to what each offers.


Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash.

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