Did you ever consider your willingness

to tolerate harassment

was conditioned by my hand?

As brothers do,

our relationship is marked by many bouts.

I took great pride,

even a sense of identity,

from exercising my dominance.

I demanded victory and respect…

because I was always terrified to lose.

To fail,

to fall short of the fantasy I built in my mind.

My insecurities were unjustly thrust upon you.

I was too afraid to confront them,

to learn,

to fail.


I wonder how far down this psychological abuse runs

at the core of yourself?

How much does it color the lens of your world view?

It certainly makes me wonder

what kind of person you would have become

had I not been there.


Would you be the writer instead?

MEW 2019

Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

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