My dear friend

Your contradictions have become

Binding constrictions

The amber medicine you swallow

Only exasperates your symptoms

Only perpetuates the carousel

Of sleepless nights

And waking nightmares


You’ve ridden every horse

Their ups and downs

Learned every note

To the circling song

The world slips on

While you spiral in place


The young roses you court

Run their roots to

Demon fingertips

Their hidden thorns

Caress scars into your soul

They sweat poison

And whisper me their tales

While salivating venom


Your velvet-petal demons

Are calling for your blood

And I’m caught between

Tough love

And a friend


Do I let you burn

To begin again

Or help measure more medicine


My good friend

We don’t have to be our faults

We don’t have to be tethered

To wandering eyes or

Visualized future fears

We can be better

Believe better

Fight fetters

And write our life letters

With astrological “howevers”

After our laundry list of sins


The carousel doesn’t have to be

The coffin you live in


Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

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