I don’t dwell in silence as often as I once did. I’m distracted by perfectly orchestrated media bent on noise and attraction.

Even now my brain generates hallucinations at the corner of my eye, gentle flashes of colored light beckoning me to a screen.

I don’t want to call it addiction, although the symptoms fit the description well. I’d much rather call it a lack of space.

It’s all about silence, having the space to think and assuming a listening posture. It’s important to turn down the world and tune into what you actually think, to grapple with critical thought.

Take the time to ask yourself the questions brushed under the carpet of your sub-conscious. This is a task requiring nakedness: honesty and vulnerability. Yet, it yields fruits of confidence and peace.

Make space to both acknowledge and analyze your own reflection – and accept what you see with grace and determination.

Too often we assume everything the noise shouts is worth listening to. Volume has never been an accurate measure of relevance.

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